Procore Users can print plans faster and smarter for much less!

Having printed sets of plans readily available for review is a necessity at building sites and in many other architecture, engineering and construction situations. Plans on paper can be more easily examined by the project management team. The whole picture can be taken in at a glance and granular details can be focused on in relation to the full project scheme. While tablets and other devices are fantastic in many situations, sharp, crisp printed plans are often the preferred way to view schematics and read text.

Case studies now clearly document a single best way to print construction documents from anywhere in the world and have them delivered to anywhere in the United States within one business day. As a matter of fact, all Procore software users now have the advantage of printing and delivering construction documents on-demand, to anywhere in the country, using a seamlessly integrated app. And there’s some frosting on this cake: The cost is about one-third of what almost every conventional reprographics printer will charge for full-sized and half-sized plans. This saves a lot on printing!

GCs and subcontractors can easily get their construction documents printed and delivered right from their Procore dashboard when choosing to use the app available as their “print plans” option with flat rate pricing of $1 per sheet including full-sized (36” x 48”) plans.

FCI Constructors, Inc. of Colorado Springs, has been using with tremendous success. Upon opening his email one day, Will Kiser, FCI project engineer, got a message from one of his firm’s Colorado offices instructing everyone in the company to use Plans4Less to save money on printing plans. He notes, “Had an employee out of our grand junction Colorado office send out a company-wide email about you guys. The cheapest plan printing we have around Williston, ND is $3 a sheet, so it’s a no-brainer to order from you!

Plans4Less prints any full sized black & white plans for a flat rate of $1 per sheet at any quantity and delivers them to any location in the United States by the next business day. Half-sized B&W plans are only 50 cents per sheet. Full color plans are also available with the same service at the lowest prices available anywhere.

FCI Constructors is extremely pleased with the service they’re getting, even at times from Plans4Less owner Brian Burke who likes to follow up with customers personally. During a recent conversation, FCI Project Engineer Will Kiser succinctly summed up this article’s main point. “Brian, what can I say? Plans4Less is amazing! You keep delivering crisp quality plans, even the big 36 x 48’s for a dollar a print and I keep thinking what a great find…! Then you get the plans on time to exactly where my guys need them at our various sites. Even the shipping costs are low! You guys get an A+ for overall value and I’ll even throw in a gold star for your can-do attitude!”


The integration of’s digital document printing service with Procore software provides Procore users a significant cost savings and an enhanced user experience. You can now find the Plans4Less app in the Procore App Marketplace.

It’s only natural for Procore customers to want and expect ease of use for an integrated construction document printing service as they move from their bidding phase into the project planning and management phases of the projects they win. Procore can potentially enhance their users’ experience, opening up to them the lowest costing, most efficient printing distribution system yet conceived.

Service integration innovations like keep construction technology on the cutting edge of customer experience advancements. Take it from leading construction technology leader James Benham, Founder & CEO of JBKnowledge, the creators of SmartBid.

During a 2016 discussion with Rob McKinney, the ConAppGuru, and Brian Burke, Mr. Benham describes how his company’s clients benefit with integration. “Believe it not, our users still use lots of paper and need hundreds of prints… and yeah, we have orders! We have customers using the product, saving money and getting better service.”

As long as plans are being printed, will continue to lead the way in providing cloud users with the best reprographics technology solutions available. We will always look for new and innovative ways to make the printing experience easier and more rewarding for enterprise software clients in the construction industry and beyond. Makes Construction-Related Reprographics Faster, More Affordable

For Immediate Release – Summer 2016 Makes Construction-Related Reprographics Faster, More Affordable

Company founder, Brian Burke Tells SmartBidNet Users: “Just think of us as the FTD of the Reprographics Industry”

Brian Burke-ConTech-Trio-interview

Brian Burke, visionary founder of, who calls his business model “the FTD of the reprographics industry,” was the featured guest on the popular,  highly-acclaimed #ConTechTrio PodCast (‘Talking Construction Tech’ – Follow link: during the 2016 SmartBidNet Users Conference held this summer in Austin, Texas. The topic was ‘The Changing Repro Industry.’ (Shown are Brian Burke at left and Rob Mckinney of JBKnowledge.)

Burke has caught the industry’s attention since launching several years ago, an innovative fixed-rate pricing model being used by construction industry-related firms of all sizes and types across the U.S. His concept was adopted by an industry leader in online construction bid software, SmartBidNet, a product of JBKnowledge, which has integrated into their software for general contractors and subcontractors.

The integration and collaboration made possible through the combination of SmartBidNet’s software and the Plans4Less reprographics capabilities puts contractors and subs, literally, on the same page. Using, project managers can turn digital documents into large format prints, delivered almost anywhere within 24 hours – sometimes even on the same day thanks to Burke’s national partner network.


During the SmartBidNet Conference podcast, Burke described advantages of using and notably, the value of consistency in using the same company for all job sites. “A company with a jobsite in Texas and one in New York can be using the same printer, and relax knowing their plans will be delivered next day at a consistent price, wherever they’re needed,” said Burke. “The flat rate pricing allows companies to know what they’ll be spending on each job before placing the order. It takes location-based variables out of the equation.”

Hosting the interview with Burke were the ConTechTrio: SmartBidNet maker JBKnowledge’s CEO James Benham; Rob McKinney of ConAppGuru, a source for apps to manage and track tools for construction; and Building Information Modeling (BIM) Consultant Josh Bone.  

Burke is a pioneer in the reprographics industry having helped it evolve from pre-computer technology. He told Conference attendees, “As the technology improved, I saw a way to make the price point more accessible and reasonable for subcontractors. When customers sought large scale drawings, they often had to play a cost guessing game using an arbitrary sliding scale, with the price based on the number of square feet per order. We simplified the equation: One dollar for one full-size plan, regardless of square footage, and 50 cents per half size plan.”


Attendees at the SmartBidNet Users Conference had the opportunity to interact and learn directly from the SmartBidNet Product and Support Teams who led sessions on managing prequalification, invitations to bid, subcontractors, bid tabulations, compliance and more. Attendees networked with SmartBidNet users from around the world, and shared best practices using the system. Participants also tried new construction technology, such as Virtual Reality visualization tools for BIM modeling, and more.

During ConTechTrio podcasts, the hosts and special guests discuss all things construction tech including hardware, software, devices, apps, and strategies for applying them on construction projects. For updates and to join the conversation, follow #ConTechTrio.

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ConTechTrio Talks at SmartBidNet User Conference

ConTechTrio logo


Did you know that ConTechTri won Best Construction Podcast in 2016? Construction Junkie states: “With an astounding 67% of the votes, ConTechTrio has earned the top honor in this year’s contest!  All of the hard work they have put into making an interesting and informative podcast has paid off.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen to their show yet, do yourself a favor and check it out!”


Hear the ConTechTrio interview with Brian Burke, founder of by clicking the picture below:

Plans4Less plans for the future as our story unfolds…

plans-for-lessHow low fixed rate pricing on plans became available nationwide:

Brian Burke started Plans4Less on October 1, 2015 as a way to conveniently provide inexpensive plans to subcontractors who routinely have to work within tight budgets and even tighter deadlines. Since its conception, Plans4Less has added a fully functional ecommerce website and over 50 print partners nationwide to allow next day delivery anywhere in the country.

Mr. Burke has been working in the reprographics field for over 25 years. “At 17 years old I started working at a small reprographics firm straight out of high school,” Burke said “I was printing on the old, smelly ammonium machines,” he adds with a smile. His experience in the field has allowed him to learn how to adapt quickly or be left behind.

The now-seasoned entrepreneur has seen the reprographics industry evolve from pre-computer technology to where it is now. “As the technology improved, I saw a way to make the price point more accessible for all subcontractors who were paying too much,” Brian Burke goes on to explain why customers looking for large scale drawings often have to play a cost guessing game. “Essentially, the industry standard is to have an arbitrary sliding scale on which the price was determined based on the number of square feet per order.” Burke took that equation and simplified it. One dollar for one full size plan, regardless of square footage, and 50 cents per half size plan.

Burke created an innovative fixed rate pricing model and proved it works, not only locally, but nationally. His concept has been recognized by one of the worldwide industry leaders in online construction bid software, SmartBidNet, a product of JBKnowledge. They believe in the model so strongly that they have integrated Burke’s concept into their software and now offer it to their general contractors and subcontractors.

The real advantage is the consistency of using the same company for all possible job sites. “A company with a jobsite in Texas and one in New York can be using the same printer and know that their plans will be delivered next day and at a consistent price,” said Burke. The flat rate pricing allows for companies to know what they will be spending on each job before placing the order, taking any location based variables out of the question.

“The only consistent thing in this industry is change. I recognized that and with this idea I am staying ahead of the curve and keeping the companies that work with me there as well…” That’s Brian Burke’s heartfelt promise to all his current and future customers.